﹝Case Study 4﹞
﹝One Life Forecast Saves Two Lives﹞

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On a certain night in 2003, DoDo’s mobile phone was ringing off the hook. When DoDo was finally able to get to the phone, a female’s voice emanated from the other end of the line and the first thing she asked was, “Are you Teacher DoDo from A Taste of Life? I’m calling you in Taiwan from Hong Kong.”

DoDo replied, “Yes, I am DoDo from A Taste of Life, how may I help you?” This lady (for anonymity, we’ll refer to her as Xiao Xian) said, “I’ve called your mobile phone eight times. Every time I called, I get a message saying that this number is no good. This is the ninth time that I’m trying to call you. I thought A Taste of Life was a con artist website using a weird fake phone number with six eights in a row.”

Xiao Xian continued, “I’m very sorry Teacher DoDo, please don’t be upset with me. Because I’ve tried calling you eight times and every time I get a message saying that the number was no good. Also, I was thinking that a Life Diagnostic/Feng Shui teacher would not use a phone number with six eights in a row.” DoDo replied, “Its ok for you to be suspicious….that is the correct thing to do. Actually between the two shores (China-Taiwan), I’m the only Life Diagnostic/Feng Shui teacher who uses a phone number with six eights in a row.

“Since you now know that my phone number is a working number and not a con, please let me know what is it that I can do for you?” DoDo said. Almost immediately, a heart breaking crying sound emanated through the phone receiver. While crying and trying to keep her composure, Xiao Xian said, “Teacher DoDo, please help me. Please save my life! To tell you the truth, I’m on the verge of suicide! I don’t want to live anymore. I am pregnant with boyfriend ‘A’s’ child, but ‘A’ left me and nowhere to be found. But I do have another boyfriend ‘B’. ‘B’ is very good to me and he swore that he’ll never let me go. But Teacher DoDo, I only want ‘A’. Please help me! If I can’t be with ‘A’ I don’t want to live anymore.”

After hearing out Xiao Xian, DoDo asked her for her birth date and time of birth to perform a forecast. Xiao Xian said, “But Teacher DoDo, I haven’t paid you anything yet. You are willing to do a forecast for me?” DoDo replied, “You’ve already spent a good amount of money placing this international call to me. Saving a life is more important at this moment. You can pay me later.”

Although DoDo already knew that Xiao Xian’s current fortune was meant to be from the forecast he performed after receiving her birth date and time; however he was reserved and careful in sharing the information with Xiao Xian in fear of adding more fuel to the fire.

The only thing at this juncture DoDo felt he could do was to get ‘B’s’ birth date and time from her to see what he can see relating to ‘B’. Dodo saw that ‘B’ is a good man and a good match for Xiao Xian. DoDo said, “If you would believe and take to heart my advice to you as an elder, I assure you that you will have happiness in your life.” If love turns out the way you want, it is a great source of happiness. But it can also be a painful experience when the one you love does not love you back. Being loved is the most joyous experience in life.”

Xiao Xian replied, “But Teacher DoDo, I have no feelings of love for ‘B’. DoDo said to her, “Since you’ve only been friends with ‘B’ for a short duration of time, of course the feelings of love have not had a chance to grow and blossom. If you put in an effort to get to know ‘B’, you will develop the feelings of love for him over time. Since you are in the situation that you are in today, be honest with ‘B’ with what’s going on. If ‘B’ is able to understand and be willing to accept everything that you shared with him and take you as you are, you may want to consider marrying ‘B’. From what I can see from his life profile, ‘B’ is a good, responsible man. He is loving, caring, and hardworking. Although he’s not rich by any means, but I guarantee you that you will not have a care in the world being with him. You will feel happy and complete.”

DoDo continued, “In reality, there is nobody in this world that is perfect in everyway. If we must say that there are, there are only two people that fits, 1) someone who just passed away, or 2) someone being reincarnated. The real objective in life is contentment, not vain attempts chasing impossible wants. A carefree life is like living in the realm of the gods. I sincerely wish that this international call to me was helpful to you in changing your life, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy.”

DoDo added, “Please remember, from now on, recite to yourself the Buddhist passages of ‘Nan wu al mi tuo fo’ or ‘Nan wu guan shi yin pu sa.’ Firstly, these passages can help you remove blockages in your work life. Secondly, these passages will help the child that you are carrying to have more wisdom and god light. Also remember to honor your parents. I take great joy in my life to assist people in need. DoDo does not need you to repay him in anyway. The reason why I established my website is to reach out to people and provide a place of solace.”

After hearing DoDo’s advice, Xiao Xian stopped crying, and instead replied excitedly, “Teacher DoDo, thank you so very much. I will follow your advice and have a heart-to-heart talk with ‘B.’ If ‘B’ still wants me after all this, I will definitely marry him. When that time comes, I am for sure giving you a call. A typical Life Diagnostic/Feng Shui teacher won’t bother with you until you pay money, but DoDo you are unlike any others.”

DoDo replied laughingly, “I guess I’m stupid huh? Don’t worry about me. Your situation is more important.” Xiao Xian replied, “ Teacher DoDo, thank you for your patience and your time having this long telephone conversation with me. You have saved my life and my baby’s life. I will never forget you for as long as I live.” DoDo replied, “You are very welcome. Please take care of your health, and seize the opportunity for a good marriage. Remember, honor your parents and recite the Buddhist passages that I gave you.”

After the hour and a half conversation, Xiao Xian called DoDo from Hong Kong again in about seven days. The voice emanating from the receiver this time was a joyous voice instead of one of sadness. Xiao Xian excitedly shared with DoDo, “Teacher DoDo! I’m getting married to ‘B’! His parents are both very happy that we are getting married!” Xian Xian continued, “Teacher DoDo, thank you for saving our two lives. You are my hero! Words cannot express my gratitude, and I will be thankful towards you for the rest of my life. DoDo happily replied, “No need for thank me. I am fulfilled seeing that you now have a happy home. My deepest congratulations to you!”

﹝This case is presented at the request of Xiao Xian. She hopes that her experience will help others in similar situations﹞


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