﹝Case Study 3﹞
﹝Female Entity in the House∼Failing Marriage and Business﹞

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In mid-November, 2006, a lady came to DoDo's office in Taipei for a life forecast. After analyzing this lady's birth date, time, place, and astrological information, DoDo provided her insight on her past, present and future. The lady was pleased with DoDo's forecast and invited him to her house for a Feng Shui consultation.

On November 21, 2006, DoDo arrived at this lady's house as promised. The lady lives in an opulent dwelling. It is approximately 2,000 square feet; one would consider it to be a fairly large house. She purchased this house for $30 million New Taiwan Dollars, and has spent at least $10 million New Taiwan Dollars on decorations alone. Unfortunately, she and her family have been in this house for less than a year and bad things seem to follow them, not allowing this family a moment of peace. She was very distraught and weary.

Upon entering the dwelling, DoDo immediately observed the errors in the setup of this house: 1) the "ghost door" area was made the master bedroom. This led her husband to have an extramarital affair and their business to suffer. 2) The kitchen was positioned incorrectly; causing this lady some health problems and challenges with her finances. 3) The house had not been insulated correctly, unable to keep warmth in the dwelling. 4) The altar for the God of Prosperity was improperly installed. 5) There was a female spirit in the house, causing problems between husband and wife.

The lady of the house indicated that she had consulted a Feng Shui specialist when purchasing the house. The altar to the God of Prosperity was also installed by a practitioner. After she shared this with DoDo, she let out a sigh and said, "These phony practitioners can really cause great harm, causing death in the family or bankruptcy in some cases." Just like DoDo always says, "Those who don't really understand will cause tragedy to others; such lack of morals!"

DoDo proceeded to assist this lady with his "Palms of Spirits." He revealed to her the image of the spirit that was occupying her house. It was the image of a female entity. Of course, DoDo was also able to reveal to her the imagines of deities that could be called upon to assist in the matter.

After viewing the image of the female entity for herself, the lady felt deep regret not calling upon on DoDo a year ago. She let out another sigh and said to DoDo, "I wish I knew you sooner. Everything would have been alright had you been here."

DoDo saw that this lady was getting discouraged and comforted her by saying, "It's better late than never. From this point, things can only get better." The lady's eyes lit up and enthusiastically replied, "Then DoDo, please! Thank you so very much for helping me." Because of prior commitments, DoDo had to attend to another appointment that day. DoDo felt the sincerity of this lady and decided that he would return to help her correct the ills of the house.

DoDo returned on November 22nd. DoDo first replaced the incense burner and reset up the placement of the altar. He then summoned the female entity and helped her into the light. DoDo also repositioned the beds in the house. After DoDo had completed his work, he assured the lady of the house that she could now safely return.

After this experience, this lady swore that she will not be misled by the false practitioners on TV and infomercials again. She discovered that a practitioner of true skill, of the highest morale does not boast to the world his ability. His happiness is assistance of others.

Had this lady not consulted DoDo, she would have continued down the path of despair, failing marriage, business, and health. Just the notion of living with an unknown female entity alone would cause unease to the family and perhaps lead to disasters untold.


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