﹝Case Study 2﹞
﹝"Dis-ease" cured by simply repositioning bed﹞

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Ms. Gaw, a VIP member of A Taste of Life since 2002, was born in Mainland China, Hu Nan Province, Lo Yang City. She's an intelligent young woman, good temperament, refined, respectful to her parents, and a studious study of many subjects. She is what one would call a classy lady. She was living in Japan attending school.

On June 8, 2003, Ms. Gaw placed an international call from Japan to DoDo in Taipei. She was a bit fluttered and wanted to seek guidance from DoDo regarding her health. Ms. Gaw expressed to DoDo that she has lived in Japan for over 3 years without any health challenges; however for the past couple of weeks, she felt this constant pain in the abdomen area. After consulting with an M.D., she was diagnosed as having a tumor in that area.

This tumor made it very uncomfortable for Ms. Gaw to sit, for she was in constant pain. This pain severely impacted her quality of life. She suffered from a lost of appetite. What made matters worst was the high cost of seeing a doctor in Japan. The cost of a doctor's appointment was the equivalency of several thousand Chinese dollars. She was worried that she would not be able to afford a surgery and hospital stay. She was in great pain and despair.

Since Ms. Gaw was not a citizen of Japan, the cost of her medical care was much higher than what citizens enjoyed. By DoDo's calculation, 3 doctor's appointments would have cost Ms. Gaw her entire income for the month. In Japan, even a bowl of ramen noodles would cost about 50 Chinese dollars. No wonder Ms. Gaw decided that it was more economical to expend her money on the international call to DoDo to seek a solution to her problem.

Of course, DoDo is not a medical doctor; however, DoDo is a skilled practitioner in Feng Shui, metaphysical/Five Magical Arts practices, and has been to Japan 20 years ago to establish a life consulting practice. Physical illness and symptoms have their roots in the non-physical, causing "dis-ease" to the body. The human body is capable of many incredible feats. DoDo experienced this when he went into deep meditation for six months. He was able go without rest and not be tired.

DoDo felt that Ms. Gaw was of good moral character, loving and caring towards others. She should not be suffering such "dis-ease" to her physical body. DoDo advised Ms. Gaw to change the positioning of her bed, and remove all the items she has sitting on her bed that should not be there as he instructed. DoDo told Ms. Gaw that within 7 days her "dis-ease" would be gone.

Ms. Gaw was skeptical after hearing DoDo's advice. She said how can it be that I consulted with a medical doctor several times, took all the prescribed medication and still have pain in my abdomen, yet you are saying that by changing the position of my bed and removing the items sitting on my bed would cure me? How is this possible?

DoDo chuckled and replied, "Young one, you would not be wrong doing as I say. Why don't you rearrange your bed as I instructed and call me back in 7 days to let me know how you are doing?"

On June 16, 2006, Ms. Gaw called excitedly and said, "Teacher DoDo, I have good news to share with you. The pain in my abdomen stopped on the fifth day after I repositioned my bed as you've instructed. Although the pain had gone, I was still concerned, thus I went to see a doctor again just to make sure. The doctor was puzzled after he examined me. The doctor could not believe that the symptoms disappeared in just a few days." DoDo laughed and said, "Ms. Gaw, this is what you call skills!"


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