﹝Case Study 1﹞
﹝Con Artist Feng Shui Practitioner – Caused the Life of His Only Son﹞

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On the afternoon of November 25, 2006 (Saturday), at 1:00 p.m., Mr. Ling, an Import/Export proprietor, picked up the Web Master in his vehicle and drove him to his place of residence for a consultation. Upon entering the Ling home, DoDo told Mr. Ling, “My head suddenly felt light and dizzy. Mr. Ling asked, “Why is that?” DoDo told him: “Because your dwelling is setup improperly.”

Mr. Ling explained that when he bought the house three years ago, he hired a Feng Shui specialist to decorate and set up the living space. The Feng Shui specialist even advised him on the location of the door to the house, and the location to best set up the family ancestral alter. After the consultation with this Feng Shui specialist, my only son, Mr. Ling said, “Who was only 23 years old and who had just graduated from college, passed away on October 12th”. Tears welled up in Mr. Ling’s eyes.

After hearing this tragic turn of event, DoDo felt Mr. Ling’s pain deeply and was crying along with him in his heart. DoDo regretfully replied, “It’s a shame that we didn’t cross paths a year ago for me to help you setup your dwelling.” Mr. Ling replied, “How was I to know that this Feng Shui specialist lack such ethics? He pretended that he was an expert with the necessary knowledge and experience. What happens? My only son has gone before me to heaven. I live a painful existence every day….I feel so alone!”

DoDo can’t help but sympathize with Mr. Ling. It saddens DoDo that there people who lack such morals and ethics. At this juncture, the best that DoDo can do for Mr. Ling is to help him pick up the piece and advise on rearranging his dwelling to reverse the run of misfortune.

Mr. Ling listened attentively to DoDo’s instructions. He is to follow DoDo’s instructions by removing the large compass on the wall, remove the “treasure bowl” on the ground in the living room, and removing other objects that are of no use and obstructing the flow of positive energy. However, Mr. Ling is not to do this until after the 100th day of his son’s passing. DoDo said to Mr. Ling, “After you rearrange your space as I instructed, your business and wealth should boom. You will be able to live out the rest of your life safely and peacefully.”

After inspecting Mr. Ling’s dwelling and advising him for over two hours, Mr. Ling drove DoDo back to his office around 4:30 p.m. Mr. Ling’s tragedy stayed with DoDo, and DoDo’s heart was hurting and crying as if this happed to him personally.

After witnessing the tragedy of the Ling family, DoDo sternly remind all those who are posing as specialists, teachers, masters, gurus, etc, that now is the time to turn your life around and stop your deceiving ways. We live in a just universe and you will be dealt with according to your deeds by the gods. Practitioners have a moral duty to those that he/she serves and to the gods who are watching. Do not take advantage of those who seek your assistance in Feng Shui, marital problems, misfortune, etc. You might be in that position one day.

My Dear Friends: You should now wake up and smell the coffee! Do not let those so-called specialists and masters that you see on TV and infomercials fool you. Should you experience misfortune in love, marriage, luck, Feng Shui, and other family issues, please first calm your heart. Do not take rash actions and trust the first person that proclaims to be a master that you see. Take the time out to find a practitioner of good moral character and a genuine heart to assist you. DoDo wishes that no other parents experience the pain and tragedy that befall Mr. Ling. DoDo expresses his deepest sympathy to the Ling family.

﹝November 25, 2006, Authored by DoDo, Taipei, Taiwan)


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