﹝Foreword Case Studies﹞

since 1972
Web Master DODO

If you honor your parents, know how to express gratitude and do good deeds, the gods will surely bless you by placing honored persons in your path to assist you.

If you feel that bad luck seems to follow you, hindering your potential from actualizing. If you think that you may be encumbered by entities blocking your wealth, or if you think that perhaps a loved one’s grave site is improperly positioned, or the setup of your residence or place of business is not conducive to position energy flow, feel free to call upon the Web Master.

【If you want to know the road ahead, you should consult with someone who has been down that path. You will prosper by learning from the experience of your predecessors】

These case studies of actual events are the faithful writings of Web Master DODO, sharing with you the trials and tribulations that he has experienced with those he assisted during the past 34 years. The examples presented reflect many years of life forecasting, geomancy, and working with Taoist magical figures. He hope that this will give his friends around the world a better understanding of the wisdom passed downed for millenniums by the ancestors of the great Chinese civilization that helps shape and form our current reality.

Every person who desire to study life forecasting, geomancy, Taoist Five Magical Arts techniques, all hope to gain true abilities that brings desired results, but not bogged down by lengthy theories. Every person who encounters puzzling adverse circumstances turn to life forecasting, geomancy, and the Taoist Five Magical Arts in hopes of obtaining substantive help that enables satisfactory results. Unfortunately most squandered their resources and still cannot escape the realm of sorrow.   In the case studies section, DODO hope to have a “heart-to-heart”, with you, sharing with you the stories of those he has assisted, hopefully you will find these factual accounts insightful and be of use to you for whatever circumstance you may currently be facing.

DODO loathes those who boast of real abilities but produce lies and no results. DoDo is confident that after you had the chance to read through the case studies, you will appreciate the wisdom that the Chinese ancestors passed down for thousands of years. These cases are personal and endearing. You will not be able to read about these in any metaphysical books.

DoDo’s wish is to see all the friends that he across paths with along his life journey to excel in life and live life to the fullest potential, filled with happiness and successes. DoDo despises those who are unkind to his/her parents, unkind to others, and selfish. He will not assist these types of people. He will not assist them no matter how much money is being offered to him. That is a standard that he holds and will not be swayed.

DoDo had the honor to serve as consultant to the over 700-member strong Taipei Astrology and Physiognomy Trade Union. He has also been invited by governmental agencies to provide assistance. He has assisted the Taipei City Department of Labor Service Center as official life forecaster and teacher. (Appointment Document No. 09230198600)  

DoDo hopes that you will enjoy reading these factual accounts and may they bring you hope and inspiration. DoDo wishes everyone a bright, happy, prosperous life.

More translated cases coming soon! Stay tuned!


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