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How dare the Web Master make any guarantees? Because of the Five Magical Arts (五術), the Web Master was able to establish a service he loves. That is why he dares to guarantee results. He has personally experienced the blessings of the Arts.

How dare the Web Master make any guarantees? Because the Web Master has utilized the Five Magical Arts (五術) to help others resolve perplexing issues in their lives for over 34 years, thus he dares to make guarantees.

Almost no Five Magical Arts practitioners around the world dare to make any guarantees, unless the practitioner has true abilities and skills?

How are the Web Master’s skills? When you observe the Web Master’s techniques, particularly in Feng Shui and use of talismans (符咒), his abilities and skills will speak for itself.

No matter where you are in the four corners of the Earth, should you have any perplexing and troublesome issues, you can always contact the Web Master.

The Web Master is not in search of fame and recognition; does not lie and over inflate his abilities; not interested in cheating you out of your hard earned money. He sincerely helps you resolve your troubles with the Five Magical Arts (五術).

The Web Masters can assist you with his 34 years of experience in Life Diagnostics (命理), Feng Shui (風水), and Talismans (符咒), to expediently help you resolve your issues.

The Web Master will never ask you to do outlandish things such as changing your name, buying jewelry and precious stones, or special foods to “change your luck.” He would never have you waste your hard earned money.

The Web Master’s guest reception office in Taipei has been established for over 16 years. It is an old established business, no need for any fanfare or signs on the building.

Special Reminder: The Web Master will refuse to assist anyone engaging in and/or plans to commit any acts that are immoral and indecent.

The Web Master’s life principles are honesty, truth, and good moral character. He reminds you to be of good moral character and not commit any acts that are immoral. The Source is just and you will be dealt the consequences of Karma. The Web Master is a dedicate practitioner to the Arts, he will never cheat clients out of their hard earned money nor manipulate clients for sexual encounters or favors.

【Types of Guidance】

Life Forecasting (算命) (Fee Service) Forecast events in your life for the remaining of the current year, next year, near future, luck and fortune in the future, dangers or ill situations that may be coming your way. The future is not written in stone. You can avoid any pitfalls by knowing what to avoid.

Many people choose not to believe, but later when a bad situation arrives, regrets not taking action sooner. No matter how much effort one puts into something, sometimes it seems as though good never comes. Their relationships, marriages, businesses or careers deteriorate; husbands/wives having affairs, loveless marriages, bankruptcy, car accidents, and ill situations in the family. They endure all these troubles all the while not realizing that it is something that could have been prevented by being informed. Knowledge is power, and it can help you avoid catastrophes.

There are 4 Types of persons that the Web Master is unable to give accurate readings to: Selfless, Evil and Immoral, Monks/Priests, Extremely Evolved or Enlightened.

﹝Life Forecasting – Is to assist you avoid the pitfalls and grab hold of opportunities that are coming your way, be it a new relationship, marriage, business, or a streak of lady luck.

Talisman (符咒)(Fee Service) Reconciliation of lost relationships, cease extramarital affairs, reunite lost loves or spouses, recovery from bad business and financial situations.

Expediently Achieve:1) Reconciliation of relationships, marriages, and stopping extra marital affairs. 2) Helping your business recover from financial difficulties and improving luck and flow of money. No matter your profession you can be assisted with talismans and incantations. You will be able to see results in a short period of time.

Example: Vacant rental units, loss or slow down in business - Utilizing the “Increase Commerce Talisman” ﹝招商符﹞ will improve your fortune and financial situation.

﹝The Web Master has 34 years of experience using talismans to help others improve financial situations, increase business, reconcile relationships, cease extramarital affairs, and reunite lost loves and spouses.)

Feng Shui (風水) Consultation for your home or business (Fee Service) Help you resolve issues with the flow of wealth, marriage prospects, quality of marriage, extramarital affairs, and business.

By changing and improving the flow of energy in your home you can improve the happiness in your marriage, change your luck for the better, and increase your attraction to money. The improvement of energy in your place of business can help you save your storefront, office, or factory from financial troubles and improve the flow of customers and business.

The Web Master’s method in Feng Shui consultation is unlike any other practitioners. He can assist you with the “Palms of Spirits,” showing you if there are any adverse spirits working against you.

REMINDER: The positioning of the bed is very important. It impacts how well you sleep, your flow of luck, attraction of marriage prospects, quality of marriage, and health. It is something you must pay special attention to.

Many residences and place of business, even after consulting with a Feng Shui practitioner, cannot seem to shake the run of bad luck. It is because unbeknownst to them; there is/are adversarial spirit(s) occupying the structure.

If there are adversarial entities in the dwelling, no matter how much time and effort, talent you have, or luck, you will not be able to success in your objectives and goals.

The Web Master is the only Feng Shui practitioner in Taiwan who is able to reveal imagines of any adversarial spirits that maybe occupying your space in the palms of his hands.

Web Master DoDo guarantees that his Feng Shui consultation will help you create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. There are numerous cases of happenings to clients of the Web Master. One client unfortunately contacted the Web Master after it was too late. There was an adversarial entity in his home, causing the death of his only son. These cases are available currently only in Chinese on this site. The translated version will be coming soon. Hopefully the situations endured by these clients will convey to you the importance of the flow of energy in your home and business and determining if there are adversarial entities working against you.

Name Change(Fee Service) Web Master DoDo has helped individuals and companies change names for over 30 years. DoDo will not ask anyone to change his/her or company name unless the name sounds unbecoming. A name has little impact on ones flow of luck. In lieu of changing your name or business name, you may consider altering the flow of energy in your home or business with Feng Shui, meditate, read and study Buddhist chants or whatever spiritual literature that connects you to the source. Practice being kind and loving to your fellow man. You may find this method more effective in bettering your fortunes.

﹝If you should desire, the Web Master will assist you create a name that you find more suitable. This name would be determined by the number of strokes and fit to your astrological chart at the time of your birth.﹞

Creating Life Foundation (造生基) (Fee Service) Help you improve unresolved issues from a past life to improve your future luck and good fortune. This ancient method will assist you to improve your attraction of money, marriage prospect, improve longevity, improve wisdom, etc.

﹝If you like seek the assistance of the Web Master to help you with creating a life foundation, first please speak to your parents and asked them if you have demonstrated piety towards them. The Web Master only assists kindhearted people and those who knows how to honor thy parents.﹞

Establishing Gravesite (Fee Service) The location and position of a gravesite is important in ensuring good fortunes for the surviving family members and offspring. In addition, selecting the proper hour for burial is also very important. Improperly established gravesites and burial at the wrong time could bring misfortune in business, sickness, lawsuits, and property damage.

﹝Should you experience major changes in your family after the burial of a loved one, you may want to consult with a practitioner the positioning of the gravesite. It may be in your family’s best interest to change the positioning. The Web Master only assists with the establishment of gravesite for those who passed on who was in life kind and of good moral character.﹞

【Contacting the Web Master】

  Mobile Phone: Taiwan – 0930222327 International - 886-930222327

  Office Phone: Taiwan–02–8668–0033、International–886–2–8668–0033

  E-mail: [email protected] (please leave call back number) Address: 1F, No.

  174–8, Nan-Shan Rd., Chung-Ho City Taipei, Taiwan

  (Please call with confidence, a scam artist would not provide you with direct numbers and a physical address.)


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