﹝Palms of Spirits﹞

since 1972
Web Master DODO

Web Master DoDo’s left
palm can reveal your past
and future live(s)
Web Master DoDo’s right
palm can reveal to you
imagines of the deities

The pictures above are for demonstration purposes only. DoDo welcomes you to visit him to see for yourself

Visually show you your past and future live(s) and deities.
The only website in the world that can make this claim and provide this service.

Revealing images of the spiritual world? A simple feat, nothing for DoDo to show off about.
The Web Master is but a simple human being and common person.

Is there really such power and ability in this world? Seeing is believing .

Web Master DoDo guarantees that revealing spiritual beings in the palms is work of a spiritual nature, not magic, hypnosis, a trick of the eye, or an elaborate scam.

Monks、Masters、Famous Teachers、Priest/Priestess: Why can’t they reveal spiritual beings in their palms?

Monks、Masters、Famous Teachers、Priest/Priestess: Aren’t they also enlightened, have peace of heart and mind, and have the connection to the spirit realm?

Could it be that these masters are masters of words but no connection to the realm of the phantasm?

Web Master DoDo can share with you why he has the ability to visually show you images of the spiritual world and while other spiritualist cannot……. recognition by the deities. Not to say that the aforementioned people are not spiritual, but simply DoDo sharing with you what has worked for him to be blessed by the source.

Anyone who open-heartily study, absorb and accept the way of the light can connect to the spiritual world with no need to have a fancy title or be proclaimed a famous teacher.

You are welcome and come see for yourself Web Master’s Palm of Spirits. This is possibly something that you’ll never have an opportunity to see else where in this life time!

Web Master DoDo’s life long principles are piety, integrity, dignity, and moral character.

DoDo always follow the laws of the universe: never commit any act of moral turpitude; never do anything that violates the basic human principle of decency; never seek fame or use it for selfish gains; never over inflate self importance and ego; never lie, cheat, and steal. In the rule of life of DoDo, there are no masters or gurus, DoDo will forever be just a common man.

Mankind can be easily corrupted by power, fame, money and fortune, and it is under this misguided notion that man seeks these things in order to be fulfilled.

Enjoy life! Can one really enjoy life in the constant search for earthly riches? Maybe not. Often times the aimless efforts produce more unkind intentions and add to the many issues and pains dealt to man in life.

A reasonable man understands the difference between right and wrong, and many seem to demonstrate an understanding of this better than the next person. Once greed and self interest become the impetus, one reasonable man becomes greedier than the next. This greed would have no end.

My dear friend, there is good and bad in everyone. People will make mistakes. The importance is the recognition of that mistake and being able to change (in the light). Opening yourself to the spiritual light and ways will make you over mind, body and soul. In three years time, you can become as enlightened, if not more, than other teachers and DoDo. Have a heart of love towards the world and your fellow man, have the belief and respect for the realm of the phantasm. Believe me, even the ghosts, gods and deities would respect you and assist you.

We are all blessed by a force that is greater than you and I. Web Master DoDo has followed his heart and allowed the gods to lead him in the light. The gods blessed him with the connection to the spirit world and the ability to reveal spirits in the palms of his hands. DoDo stresses that his gift was not given to be abused or to receive special accolades, but to help others as the deities have intended.

DoDo always stresses to everyone that crosses path with him to honor thy parents and treat and love others as you would like to be loved and treated, that is, the starting step to enlightenment.

DoDo firmly believes that once you are able to help and love yourself then you are able to love and help others, this, is the greatest successful and meaningful thing in life.

DoDo is not doing this in hopes of one day becoming a deity nor is he claiming to be a living god. People, things, and deities all have their own space and dimension that they belong. If we are all deities, where would the living organic beings exist? DoDo believes that integrity, kindness, dignity, justice, and moral character, allows human beings to create a realm not unlike that of the gods. This is heaven on earth.

Do you seek spiritual enlightenment? You can have the best teacher, but it is up to you to open your heart and connect to the source. As with the cliche. often used, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Studying under a “Master Teacher” does not guarantee enlightenment and understanding. Often times, people are misguided in believing that going through the motions will reached the desired end. DoDo has found this not be the case. DoDo affirms that the path to enlightenment first comes with piety towards your parents, have a true loving heart that wants to help people not for selfish gains or recognition but for the betterment of mankind. If one only believes in this half-heartily, he is destined to walk among the masses, searching for his path in endless possibilities without any direction.

In this world, who loves you and cares for you more than your parents? From conception, birth, education, sickness, growing up; moment by moment, worrying about you and wanting only the best for you? If you do not respect your parents, whom do you give your respect to? If one cannot even show the basic human ability of loving and respecting for one’s parents, why seek enlightenment? How do you expect to be enlightened?

My dear friends, enlightenment is a life long process that is not to be rushed. It is not subscribing to any religion’s dogma. Enlightenment is a freeing process, not one that binds you. To be on that path, open your heart to kindness, love, justice, integrity, and be of good moral character. But first, learn the meaning of piety, loyalty, love and trust. Believe that the gods are with you, watching over you, constantly helping you. It is up to you if you want to receive their guidance.

DoDo would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone success, fulfillment, and much happiness in this journey called life. And may you be loved and enlightened.

﹝November 2, 2005, Authored by DoDo, in Taipei, Taiwan﹞


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