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since 1972
Web Master DODO

Does the Web Master not have a name? Of course he does. However, once enlightened, a name becomes unimportant. What is important is a person’s integrity and moral character! Integrity and moral character is not educational heights achieved or a symbolic diploma. Oftentimes you’ll find educators no more intelligent than common street urchins. The Web Master is not interested in any titles or honors. Simply call him DoDo is sufficient.

Web Master DoDo travels internationally and has met with royalty and politicians. But he does not use his contacts for selfish gains and recognition. He regards that as the act of unenlightened tricksters and con artists. What Web Master DoDo has placed high value on his whole life is dignity, integrity, and honesty. Because of this, the blessed higher powers have given him the gift to reveal imagines of spiritual beings in the palms of his hands. Why use the name DoDo? Just the Web Master’s way of not taking himself too seriously. Look it up in the English dictionary and you’ll know why.

Web Master Dodo has assisted people from all walks of life internationally since 1972. After 34 years of being able to be of service to mankind, he is happy to make your acquaintance. He hopes that you will become like family to him, and be able to offer care and encouragement to you through the trials and tribulations of life. DoDo’s life long search has always been to connect with people of high integrity, dignity, and kind hearts.

Web Master DoDo is very stubborn. Yes he is stubborn. He stubbornly holds on to his principles of honesty and integrity. Many times we hear of prophets, masters, and gurus seeking high praises and recognition; some uses enlightenment in vain for personal and financial gains. This is something that Web Master DoDo wants no part of and it saddens him that some of his colleagues lack such ethics. Hence he uses the name DoDo, referring to himself as the “Old Stubborn Fool.”

The human principles that DoDo holds most dear to his heart are piety, moral character, honesty, and justice. He highly admires those who are able to show piety to his/her parents, those who are moral in action and in thought, and those of charity. DoDo has never been envious of the rich, famous, and the powerful. DoDo firmly believes no matter how much riches a person can amass, if he/she is unable to love and care for his/her parents, unable to show common decency and love towards his/her fellow man, his/her life would always be empty and meaningless. Those who claim to be enlightened and disciples of the “Five Magical Arts” but unable to live and demonstrate basic principles are no more than con artists looking for a quick con.

DoDo often says, “Even the street urchin would have at least three years of good luck in his life.” Actually, in everyone’s lives there will be a few occasions where good luck and fortune presents itself. It is up to you to recognize the opportunity and good fortune to better your life. This web site offers the Yu Shan self service fortune calculator as a tool in the members’ area to assist you in predicting and changing your luck so that your golden opportunities and good fortune won’t pass you by.

The legendary Tang Tai Yu once said, that “A man who uses the reflection in the brass, can properly dress and perfect his outer appearance. Using the reflections in history brings understanding and life lessons learned. However, using people as reflection can lead you to lose your sight.” Of course, he is not referring to physically losing your sight, but to lose sight of your purpose in life by letting others lead your life. Simply put, do not be led by false prophets. DoDo would be honored to “lend you his mirror” and all the lessons learned to assist you with your journey, achieving the happiness and success you seek in life.

Everyone wants happiness, fulfillment and achieving all their dreams and goals in life. Everyone has an equal chance at these things no matter your family or social background. DoDo has utilized what he has learned to assist many of his dear friends met along his travels. DoDo sternly advises you dear friends to not let opportunities pass you by. Do not live in the “could haves and would haves.” Know that you can seize the moment and achieve your dreams.

Fortune telling and the magical arts, unfortunately, have been tainted by common con artists proclaiming to be masters and gurus. In reality, all these people are only after fortune, fame, and recognition as “Masters”. How can anyone driven by selfish reasons have true enlightenment and spiritual abilities? There are those who’ve read about the Five Magical Arts and then proclaim him/herself High Master/Priestess of the magic arts. How can spiritual enlightenment and the ancient Chinese arts of fortune telling and Fun Shue be mastered through simply reading a book? Because of these types of persons, in Mainland China, most people now regards the magical arts as simply something believed in by the superstitious.

All external expressions start in the heart. A kind hearted person expresses him/herself with kindness, a bitter and evil person projects and aura of negativity and meanness. I am sure you have all experience this. But there are no completely kind and evil persons. Human beings are in the constant battle between (for a lack of better term) good and evil. Thus there are false prophets and masters using lies and deceit to selfish ends. You can see the greed and evil in the face of this type of person.

There are many types of people in the ream of the Five Magical Arts. Some use the Five Magical Arts to cheat people out of hard earned money or even sexual encounters for the promise of changing one’s luck and fortune. Some of these so called “spiritualists” ask his/her subjects to do ridiculous things such as buying and wearing certain types of jewelry claiming that it would change the person’s fortune. This type of person uses much fanfare and elevated titles but in the end robs you of your money, trust, and emotions. The victims are left with uncertain futures and financial loss to no end. If you have any doubts working with a spiritualist, always verify the credibility of the person my dear friends.


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