﹝Case Study 7﹞
Ugly Duckling Becomes a Swan

﹝"Ms. Swan's" smooth light complexion after bed repositioning﹞

﹝How old do you think this lady is? 20 years old? 25 years old? Maybe 30 or 35 years old?﹞
﹝None of the above is correct! She is actually older than that!!Photo Taken January 3, 2007﹞

﹝The Webmaster granted access to "Ms. Swan" the use of the small temple where wishes are granted﹞
﹝This temple is not open to the public, the Webmaster only allows those he has a connection with (緣) to access it for prayer﹞

﹝The Ugly Duckling Becomes a Swan case is recounted as is. The Webmaster does not embellish.﹞

﹝Before changing her bed positioning, the Ugly Duckling had dark blotchy skin, unable to get restful sleep as if an entity is pressing down on the bed, and having a run of bad luck﹞

﹝After repositioning her bed at the right hour and day, her skin became light and smooth, youthful in appearance, and her luck changed for the better﹞

The Ugly Duckling case is the Webmaster's first written work of 2007 (Year of the Boar). With the lady's blessings, the Webmaster shares with you, friends around the world, the happy outcome of this lady's situation, whom the Webmaster endearingly calls the "Ugly Duckling." Hopefully this lady's experience will empower and encourage you in the situation you are dealt with and know that there is hope. As long as you are willing, the Webmaster is happy to be of service.

The pictures of the transformation are shown courtesy of the "Duckling." The Webmaster respects the right of privacy of the lady, thus would only post the pictures with the lady's consent, and dares to write the article.

The "Ugly Duckling" is a lady nearing her 40's! She found it inconceivable how after receiving help from the Webmaster with repositioning of her bed and changing her house pattern that her facial appearance would actually change! Her porcelain complexion, rosy cheeks and smooth skin is nothing short of a miracle. "Ms. Swan" now enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. "I've never looked and felt this beautiful before in my life. Prior to repositioning my bed, I used to spend thousands of dollars buying cream in attempts to remove the dark blotches on my skin. After many months of use, nothing seemed to work for me. I can't believe that simply after repositioning my bed and visiting the Webmaster's temple, all the dark blotches vanished as if overnight!"

The "Duckling" miracle can happen for all the ladies out there who are willing to give it a try with an open mind. There's no need to waste precious time and money on makeup, facials, or enhancement surgeries. Let Feng Shui, the natural universal law nourish and maintain your body. Express your wish in the small temple. You too will be able to have the porcelain skin and rosy cheeks; youthful and beautiful, your desires manifested easily and joyously.

The Webmaster recalls when he was invited by the "Duckling" to work on her house; he advised her and ensured her that he's not a flash in the pan con artist. He guaranteed her that repositioning her bed and changing her house patterns will have positive results. In fact, she'll notice the effects on the second day. Today, the Webmaster hears joyous news from the "Ugly Duckling" consistently. The "Duckling" has bought an additional house in 2007.

Although the Webmaster led the "Ducking" to the small temple and granted access to use it, the Webmaster is not a superstitious person. The Webmaster would never persuade or recommend people to go to any temple to pray for the granting of wishes. It was a decision made that was best in this situation. This small temple is simple and nothing elaborate. It is suitable only for individual private use and not meant for the masses. Its access is only granted to those the Webmaster feels a connection to. The Webmaster will never disclose the location of the temple to protect the privacy of those who are granted use.

Human structures are impacted by the broad and profound study of geomancy or Feng Shui. The flow of energy can be constructive or destructive. With guidance, the constructive utilization of the flow of energy produces miracles, as experienced by the "Duckling." When energy is not harnessed in the right direction, the outcome can sometimes be devastating, as with the situation that happened to the Ling family presented in one of the case studies.

The "Ugly Duckling becomes a Swan" story is recounted for the enjoyment of the Webmaster's friends around the world, and for all the ladies around the globe seeking beauty to admire. The Webmaster is a simple common man. He is dedicated to achieving results with the Five Magical Arts and believes firmly in honesty, integrity, ethics, and the spirit of justice. The "Duckling" is a good testament to his dedication and character.

Finding the right Feng Shui specialist to assist you with your house, place of business or factory certainly is of benefit rather than detriment. Your family will be healthy and joyous. Your business would boom with continuous flow of success.

The Webmaster is 58 years old; he has no liver spots, only sleeps for three hours a night, and does not use aid for maintenance. The Webmaster attributes this to Feng Shui.

Although the Webmaster is a common man and a fool, but this fool has skills unlike most others. This common man received the honor of "Exulted Practitioner" out of one billion people in China and the only practitioner who can reveal spirits and deities in the palms of his hands (Palms of Spirits).

﹝February 25, 2007. Written by the Webmaster in Taipei﹞


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