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Web Master DODO

My Dearest Brother Ling:

No one in this world can understand the pain of losing a child until one experience it for him/herself. You painfully shared with me your deep regret for consulting with fake practitioners that caused the tragedy of your family. I deeply feel your pain of missing your son and reminiscing of what could have been - grandchildren and your loving son to share with you your golden years. I know in your wildest dreams you never expected to be a gray haired person sending off the dark haired person to heaven.

Brother Ling, in reality, the tragedy that has befallen on your family is only the tip of the iceberg. Today, there are still many people following and practically worshiping so-called famous teachers on television and print media. They spend exuberant amounts of money to hire these famous teachers for guidance in Feng Shui, listening to these supposed experts by eating special foods, wearing special jewelry, so forth and so on. The end result usually is not success but great financial lost.

Brother Ling, recall that on November 25, 2006 when I first visited your residence, upon entering your dwelling and saw the compass and the fortune bowl and other relics that the practitioners placed? Do you remember that I asked you if those pieces of relics had any effect in improving your fortunes? Your answer to me was "Of not, otherwise I would not be in the tragedy that I'm dealt with today."

Seeing that you wasted so much of your hard-earned money on the practitioners' recommended decorations (junk), it pained me greatly seeing that there are people in this society who place money above the life of other human beings. What pains me more is that since I've visited with you, I've also helped quite a few clients who have been had by unethical practitioners.

Brother Ling, the price you paid for your simple mistake was too high! But I believe people can be informed to be careful and critical when hiring a practitioner for life forecasting, Feng Shui, and resolving other life issues. I hope that everyone will take the time to verify the credibility and moral conduct of the practitioners.

Thank you for allowing me to share your story with others so that I can do my part to help prevent tragedies like this from happening again, and to remind everyone that when he/she is dealt with difficult issues in life, career, marriage, etc., to seek the guidance of a ethical practitioner not a so-called famous practitioner.

No matter how great a life one was destined to have, no matter how much ability a person has, or how much intelligence or wisdom one is endowed with, if Feng Shui is applied improperly it will surely have negative impacts. If Feng Shui is just a bunch of non-sense, then how could it have survived 5,000 years? Even former U.S. President Bill Clinton has taken an interest in Feng Shui when he sought information on the topic in 2001. Banks in the U.S. have also consulted with Feng Shui practitioners in the construction of their branch offices. This goes to demonstrate the importance and validity of Feng Shui.

Brother Ling, when you painfully shared with me your pain of losing the only son that will carry on the family name and honoring the ancestral altar, I guaranteed you that I will help you change the flow of energy in your house and help you to once again have peace and stability in your family. Next year you will be married again to a good wife who will give you more honored children.

Brother Ling, although you kept thanking me and exclaiming me to the master of all practitioners, please don't feel the need to thank me because I did accept your gift of gratitude. I am honored and have been blessed plentiful by the gods with my Palms of Spirits and being recognized in China as an exulted practitioner. I pride myself on being a person who believes in justice and I am glad to have had the opportunity to help your family and hope that we'll always be in touch.

I am pleased to have been able to assist you and demonstrate to you my abilities, as confirmed by you sharing with me the change in feeling of your home. You shared with me that prior to my work, your home felt cold; however, since my visit, the home has a warm inviting feeling. Brother Ling, this is what Feng Shui is supposed to do for people. You have seen for yourself the results of a true practitioner.

Brother Ling, I've completed for you your advisement in Feng Shui, rearranged the beds' positioning in your home, and installed your ancestral altar. I wish you much happiness and success from this day forth. In 2007, you will find a good wife and have some children. Remember to do kind deeds as good will return to you. Also, don't forget to send me some sesame chicken when your first son is born.

Brother Ling, I am closing with what I've said many times - keep your chin up. Let the past flow away like water in a stream. Look towards the future and welcome all the blessings that are to come. I like to remind you again to remember to do good deeds, as in doing this you will surely find a newfound meaning in life.

﹝January 1, 2007﹞


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