﹝Case Study 6﹞
﹝Entity Attached﹞

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Web Master DODO

On a certain night in July of 2004, a Ms. Zhou visited the Web Master at his office for a reading and guidance. After analyzing Ms. Zhou's birth information, the Web Master advised Ms. Zhou that she is not destined for a rough life as other Readers have told her. Dodo said to her, "Your luck impacts not only your quality of life, work, relationships, and marriage; however following the advise of those other Readers will not help you but instead harm you. Buying special jewelry and eating particular type of foods will not work. Do you know what the real reason is why you are having difficulties at the moment? You have an entity attached to you."

Ms. Zhou was stunned and her eyes looked like a deer caught in headlights. She nervously said, "Teacher DoDo, other Readers told me that I am predestined to have a rough life, therefore I should buy a special bracelet and Buddhist relics for protection and safety. But you are saying that I am supposed to have a good life. The other Teachers did not tell me that there is an entity attached to me. However, you are saying that there is an entity attached to me. I don't feel like I've been possessed by any entity."

DoDo replied, "According to my analysis of your birth data, you have the kind of life where you do not have to worry about where your next meal is going to come from, not worry about having a place to live, not worry about not having any money. From your grandparents down to your siblings, each generation of your family enjoys a nice, full happy life. Even the children that you will have in the future will be respectful and honor you in your golden years. Do you consider this a rough life?" Ms. Zhou suspiciously replied, "Then why did the other Readers tell me that I am destined to have a rough life and didn't tell me that there is an entity attached to me?"

DoDo replied, "Since ancient times up to today's modern world, society have scammers who rely on using lies and instill fear to make a quick buck. This type of individual first instill fear in his/her subjects, asks the con victim to do ridiculous things such as buying so-called 'special jewelry' for protection, ask him/her to change his/her name, etc., then ask the victim for more money to 'do a cleaning and rid one of bad luck.' After the victim waste a ton of money and time only then will he/she realized that he/she has been had."

"In reality, how would one expect to have any kind of results from useless relics? Therefore, the other Readers simply want to make more money off people by having them buy these so-called 'special items' for protection. Con artists are not interested in the principle of what goes around comes around. They are only after one thing and that is money. After far as why other Readers did not tell you that you have an entity attached to you? This is a question of the person's awareness. The point is…..one who is aware will not con people out of money and do things that are unethical."

DoDo continued, "Just so that I can verify the truth about the entity attached to you, I am going to show you an image of that entity right now in my left palm. Look at my left palm and tell me what you see."

After having said that, DoDo extended his left hand to Ms. Zhou for her observation. Less than 30 seconds, Ms. Zhou immediately saw an image of a female in DoDo's palm. Ms. Zhou screamed and nervously said, "I….I….saw a female ghost." She nervously continued, "Teacher, the female ghost's eyes are bleeding. This is so horrific! I am so scared! I am so scared!"

At this juncture, DoDo comforted Ms. Zhou by saying, "Don't be afraid. You have Teacher here by your side to protect you. You can now ask this female entity if she is the ghost that is attached to you. If the answer is yes, have her nod. If the answer is no, have her shake her head."

Ms. Zhou asked the female ghost to indicate if she was in fact the entity attached to her and the ghost confirmed as questioned. DoDo then instructed Ms. Zhou to ask the ghost what she needed to resolve her attachment to this world, and if she wanted Ms. Zhou to burn her underworld money on the first and the fifteenth of the lunar calendar. The female ghost nodded her head. Knowing that it was the underworld currency that the female entity wanted, Ms. Zhou's problem had a solution.

The fifteenth from the month on the lunar calendar was few days away for the day that Ms. Zhou visited DoDo. Following DoDo's instructions, Ms. Zhou asked her family member to place incense on the family Buddhist altar, and in addition, burn lots of underworld money for the female entity. Ms. Zhou was to visit DoDo again after seven days.

When Ms. Zhou returned to DoDo's office to view the entity in his left palm, this time the female ghost only smiled at Ms. Zhou. Ms. Zhou asked the ghost if she had received the money and if this would resolve her issues. After Ms. Zhou finished speaking, the female ghost smiled once again, nodded her head and then faded from DoDo's palm.

Ms. Zhou thanked DoDo profusely and offered to give him a "red envelope" (red envelope is a Chinese tradition of giving someone money either during the Chinese New Year, birthday, or as a gift of gratitude). DoDo refused her kindness and reaffirmed that the god given gift of the "Palms of Spirits" is absolutely used solely to help others. Using the blessing of the palms to resolve this issue was absolutely free.

Ms. Zhou spent 50 New Taiwan Dollars for some underworld money and resolved a problem that could not be solved by most temples and practitioners of the arts. DoDo's advise also perhaps helped Ms. Zhou from being taking advantage of by con artists that would have charged her insane amounts of money to buy jewelry and changing her name. For all these reasons, DoDo felt satisfied and comforted.

﹝November 8, 2005﹞


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