﹝Case Study 5﹞
﹝Ghost in the Factory﹞

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In mid-October of 2003, DoDo assisted an owner of a garment factory in Ban Qiao a suburb of the capital city Taipei. The owner of this factory has consulted with several Feng Shui specialists regarding his business. The factory’s volume of business is average; however, money still seemed to elude him as he cannot retain much of the profits that he’s made. His health has also been poor and had to have surgery. In addition, what is peculiar is that his company vehicles are prone to accidents. Whenever a staff member uses a company car to meet clients or make deliveries, he/she would be involved in a serious car crash.

Because of these unfortunate events, the garment factory owner invited DoDo to survey his factory to investigate and find a cause to all his troubles. Keep in mind that DoDo does not accept every invitation or request for assistance. It was after determining that this owner is a kind person and of good character that DoDo decided to visit the factory.

Upon entering the factory, DoDo took assessment of the decor and the placement of furniture and equipment. DoDo felt that the prior specialists that the factory owner consulted with did an adequate job with placement. DoDo assisted the factory owner with some adjustments to improve upon the work already performed.

DoDo and the factory owner then proceeded to the basement of the factory, with DoDo walking in front and the owner following closely behind. Once DoDo descended into the basement, DoDo immediate realized the reason why this factory owner cannot hold on to money, why he is having health issues, and why staff members keep having accidents in company vehicles. The reason? A ghost taking up residence in the basement causing havoc.

DoDo immediately advised the factory owner on how to solve his problems. 1) DoDo asked the owner to immediately rearrange the floor plan of the factory, 2) DoDo advised the factory owner to appease the spirit and peacefully coexist with the entity so that it can resolve any issues of grudges and gratitude.

After taking DoDo’s advice in mid-October of 2003, business improved greatly at the garment factory, his health improved dramatically, and factory staff stopped having accidents in company vehicles. What was most delightful was a phone call DoDo received from the factory owner on January 8, 2004. The owner shared with DoDo that the entity manifested itself on the first floor of the factory and smiled at him.

The factory owner thanked DoDo profusely and wanted to personally drive DoDo to the factory to have a special lunch in his honor. DoDo declined the lunch but congratulated the factory owner. “Since the ghost smiled at you, it means that the ghost is happy,” said DoDo. DoDo congratulated the factory owner of the reversal of his bad fortunes. The factory owner replied, “ DoDo, your skills are truly out of this world.” DoDo laughingly replied, “Ha, I’m but a fool and common man.”


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