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Those who seek guidance to resolve issues proceed with caution. Don't listen to those who are not truthful and tells you only what you want to hear.

Proportion of factors affecting one's destiny: Birth date 28%、Appearance 14%、Name 3%、Feng Shui + Human Attempt 55%

A truly dedicated practitioner of the Five Magical Arts in life forecasting does not have the need to lie or boast. Over time, people will discover the true practitioner through word-of-mouth of his good reputation. Only the layman or the "traveling salesman" will claim absolute accuracy in hopes of profit. In the Five Magical Arts, it is not possible to claim to have absolute accuracy near the realm of the gods or to make claims of ultra accuracy, especially when working with people who are 1) good, completely selfless, 2) extremely evil, 3) monks, 4) virtuous and ethical.

People often ask the Web Master, "Why is it that I have changed my name already, but bad luck still seem to follow me? The Web Master answered, "In reality, the impact of one's name on luck and fortune is very little, at most five percent. There are those self proclaimed scholars who put aside moral conscience to take advantage of the opportunity to boast, by sedulously picking out the shortcoming in one's name. Without any regard or consideration, advises one to change his/her name; lacking any virtue! Who in this world has the perfect name?

In reference to a name change (改名),if one is only adding a stage name, or a nickname, at most one expends money for the advise of a more suitable name in hopes of dissipating any disasters, not much effort is needed except spending his/her hard earned money.

However; if one is changing the given name (本名), it is a small matter for a child, but an undertaking for adults as he/she must change the name on the household register (in Asian countries, families typically are required to register with the local government to declare residency), the ID card, the driving license, professional licenses, military service credential, real estate records, the spouse's ID card, etc. Often times, after having put forth all the efforts and meeting the required tasks for the name change, one only finds that the new name is ineffective in terms of changing any situations or fortunes. In reality, he/she had been deceived and parted with his/her hard earned money. The Web Master often begs the question to people who have done this, "Did changing your name work for you?"

Once again, the Web Master reminds you of the proportion of factors affecting one's destiny: Birth date 28%、Appearance 14%、Name 3%、Feng Shui + Human Attempt 55%. In addition to effort and hard work, one needs to seek an understand of the forces of fortune and luck, attract luck and avoid pitfalls, grasp the forces of fortune, and take the initiative and act on what the forces of fortune brings, only then can one be at peace and satisfied. One does not ascend magnificently in success by relying on a name change (改名). Take those who seek stardom, if the actor does not skillfully and diligently play his part, do one think that he would have the opportunity for fame and recognition?

People need to demonstrate filial love to parents, respect the elders, defend ethics and morals, and do good deeds! What the human does, the gods are watching! Some people do not believe that good begets good and evil begets evil. Such person always blames destiny, god and man for his/her misfortunes. But in fact, good and evil is a choice of the free will of man, not decided by the deities.

Life forecasting of the Five Magical Arts is a conscience and moral profession. Practitioners are to have extraordinary moral character; otherwise his/her art degenerates into the realm of scam artists. When you seek advice of another to forecast your fortunes, be of bright and clear eyes, listen intently and not believe only beautiful hurried words speaking what you want to hear. Do not blindly worship famous teachers. The "famous teacher" in society creates propaganda, advertisement, boast of mastery mostly for the sake of seeking fame and fortune.

A "famous teacher" (名師) is not an "enlightened teacher" (明師). An enlightened teacher (明師) has the real ability to help one resolve troubles and provide guidance to seize the moment when good fortune comes. An enlightened teacher (明師) is a master in principles of life forecasting and geomancy of the Five Magical Arts. He/she is of the utmost noble personal character. A truly skilled and honorable person does not to reveal him/herself. Therefore, if one has the luck in one's life to cross paths with an enlightened teacher (明師), perhaps this is one's reward of good deeds and of one's success, an omen that indicates that things and situations will come to pass as you envisioned.

Life forecasting, geomancy, the metaphysical Five Magical Arts are as deep as a well. Practitioners do not use this knowledge to take advantage for financial gains. Should you be unfortunate in crossing paths with someone who is a master at boasting for the sake of boasting, and irresponsibly saying things to scare people, be careful not to be deceived by any means! Trust what you feel, if the person feels to you to be of ill conscience and moral character, think critically and not listen to beautiful lies only to affirm what you want to hear.

To assist you in gaining a better understanding, the Web Master shares with you his 34 years of experience by providing the below information for your consideration.

1. Is it ethical to sell talismans/Taoist magical figures (符咒) as commodities?

The conduct of selling talismans/Taoist magical figures goes against heaven's will and is devoid of any moral consideration. No matter how advanced science and technology is today, those who studied and have true skills in the Arts would not dare sell Taoist magical figures as commodities, because, it is dishonorable! The studies of the Arts are a study of self-control and personal character to reach the apex of mastery. The honorable person absolutely does not reveal his/her true nature and not have his/her mind clouded with the desire for fame and selfish benefit.

If the Web Master were to sell talismans/Taoist magical figures as products on this website, it would be against the will of the heavens and devoid of any morality. For example: A person who neglects his duties of piety towards his parents easily buys a talisman to increase his wealth and the talisman works for him. Isn't this assistance for someone who does not deserve the blessing? Or a certain man who is unfaithful and sleeps around but buys a love talisman to keep and control the woman his is with. Should this talisman work, weren't the seller of the talisman helping to destroy this woman's entire life?

The Web Master traveled across the globe the last thirty years as a practitioner of the Arts and lives by the principles of justice, ethics and morals, leading to today of having a satisfying practice and a happy home life. The Web Master respectfully reminds practitioners to not use the Arts as a get rich quick scheme. Do not use the realm of the ghosts and gods as your money tree. Retribution will come quickly. When you act against the will of heaven, engage in immoral acts, the gods will be angered.

* Should you have any questions about talismans/Taoist magical figures, feel free to call for an interpretation - Taiwan: 02-8668-0033, International: 886-2-8668-0033

2. How can one distinguish a true practitioner from a fake?

A true practitioner does not rely on propaganda and empty promises. His/her reputation precedes him/her through the word of mouth. Be wary of those who guarantee you absolute accuracy.

Reminder: It is not possible through the Five Magical Arts to have absolute accuracy, especially when dealing with people who are 1) good, completely selfless, 2) extremely evil, 3) monks, 4) virtuous and ethical.

3. Is there a Master Teacher (大師) behind A Taste of Life?

This website has a practitioner who has 34 years of experience, but he would not consider himself a Master Teacher, bust simply a common man.

A true practitioner has no need for titles or boasting. There many practitioners in Taiwan over age 70 who have practiced the Arts all their lives who would not make the claim of being a master teacher. Once again, a person with true ability typically will not boast or reveal him/herself.

It is a pity that there are some who make money as the driving force in making proclamations of the "miracles" that his/her mastery will deliver, foregoing any and all moral and ethical standards expected by our ancestors and the gods.

The Web Master recalls once crossing paths with a man who claims that he has supernatural abilities. The man proclaimed that he can jump off a twelve story building without a nick or a scratch. The Web Master asked this man to be his teacher and study under him. Unfortunately, it was nothing but an elaborate scam. In the realm of the Arts there are true practitioners filled with justice and the desire to help others. But there are those only in seek of money and fame. Thinking critically and trust your gut feelings as not to be fooled.

4. Could there be absolute accuracy in Life Forecasting, Divination, and the study of names?

In the practice of Life Forecasting, Divination, study of names, etc., if a practitioner can indicate some key points with accuracy that is considered outstanding. No one can guarantee absolute accuracy. Be careful with your hard earned money and not be fooled by those who only say what you want to hear.

5. What is the standard in the study of names?

In essence, the impact of one's name on his/her marriage, business, and flow of wealth is not very great. It is considered incredible at most 3%. If your last name is Chen, why don't you try and change your son's name to Chen Shuibian. If your last name is Lu, try changing your daughter's name to Lu Xiulian. See if after he/she grows up if he/she can become the President or Vice President? The real important factors affecting a person's success are the time and date of birth, industriousness, education, and cultivation of soul and moral character. If someone makes claims that changing your name would bring you unlimited fortune and success, be very wary as not to be fooled.

Proportion of factors affecting one's destiny: Birth date 28%、Appearance 14%、Name 3%、Feng Shui + Human Attempt 55%

6. Would Life Forecasting by considered playing with one's life?

Life Forecasting is serious business. Since ancient times up to today's modern world, true practitioners will not take the practice lightly. Life Forecast is not playing with one'sc life but a practice to perhaps provide some insight on situations such as marriage or change of career.

7. Are the Five Magical Arts capable of absolute power?

The heavens have its law and order. The realm of man has its law and order. If one is a person who is unkind to his/her parents, a person who lack moral consciousness, this person is a one who angers and are despised by the gods. No magical practice will be able to assist this type of person. Even if the desired result is reach, it is short-lived. The most important factor to consider is to cultivate one's soul, start anew and become a better person.

8. Are there many practitioners?

There are true practitioners everywhere in Taiwan, such as the Taipei Astrology and Physiognomy Industry Trade Union and the Taipei Astrology and Physiognomy Association. These professional organizations have affiliates in every county in Taiwan.

9. Does a Taste of Life offer classes?

In the practice, students are accepted if the teacher and the disciple have some sort of predestined bond (緣). In the art of Taoist magical figures, it is highly unlikely that a class would be established. Even the Web Master's teacher dare not open classes and accept students. This is in fear of passing on knowledge to those who are ill willed that would use the information to cause harm to others. The Web Master's teacher would rather let the knowledge be lost than pass it on to those of ill character and moral standards.

10. People have consulted practitioners for centuries.

The Five Magical Arts has a history of 5,000 years, and has brought many contributions for humanity into today's technically advanced world. The Arts have assisted for millenniums in bringing harmony with life and consoling the spirit. The Five Arts are now also in vogue with Western society. Former American President Clinton, the American banks, and the Russian Red Square, all have consulted with the Arts in construction.

11.Five Magical Arts are as deep as a well.

Geomancy and the Arts are as deep as a well. Practitioners are forbidden to use the ancient knowledge to cloud other's mind and judgment. Should one cross paths with someone who boasts of his/her ability, then more than likely that person is in search of money and fame. If materialistic goals are the driving force, how would one expect guidance in purification of the mind and clear judgment to dispel issues and doubt?

Techniques need to be exact and precise to have the desired results. A novice proclaiming to be an expert will surely cause harm and delay someone's good fortune. True practitioners first develop the soul and his/her moral character. Fame, money, and fortune are never the drive force.

12. Practitioners must have the utmost moral and ethical standards!

In addition to having the utmost moral and ethical standards, practitioners are never to use the knowledge to control and harm others. Never use the ancestral knowledge in vain in search of celebrity and wealth. It is important for practitioners to be trustworthy. In summary, when seeking assistance with the Arts, take careful consideration before giving one's trust.

13. What is the difference between a developed practitioner and a layman practitioner?

A developed practitioner's guidance is always positive in helping one avoid certain pitfalls. Layman practitioner's message is negative and fear based. Once fear has been established in his/her subject, the unethical practitioner will continue to ask for more and more money over time stating that he/she needs this money to help one divert disaster. A true practitioner's main goal is to help people first and is forbidden to have designs on people for ill-gotten monetary gains.

14. Is A Taste of Life willing to share its information with the business world so that more people can benefit from them?

In realty, the website has good working relationships with many heads of corporations in Taiwan and abroad. The intention of the website is not to boast, therefore no need to be made public. A Taste of Life was founded on April 1, 1988 in the spirit of helping people and providing a place of consultation and solace. A Taste of Life is happy to share with its friend around the world information contained on the site so that more people can learn from the wisdom passed down from our ancestors.

15. Why is it that some practitioner's websites are very elaborate, but A Taste of Life's website is so ordinary?

A Taste of Life's goal is to provide information to feed the mind and the soul, not to provide prettified visuals that lack substance.

16. Why do people turn to life forecasting and divination to seek answers?

Life brings forth its ups and downs, with spells of good and bad fortune. People turn to life forecasting and divination to be better informed and to have some knowledge of what to expect in the future and to better prepared to meet life's challenges.

17. Is Life Forecasting, Divination, and the study of Geography Geomancy for real?

These practices have been passed down for 5,000 years. If the practices were of no value, it would not have survived into today's modern world.

18. What has more impact on one's fortune, the direction of one's dwelling, the placement of the bed, or the Feng Shui of the dwelling?

In reality, all these factors have impacts on one's fortune. These factors work hand-in-hand. If one would like a healthy body, he/she would get enough rest, exercise, and eat foods that are nutritious to the body. Like the body, one would need these factors to work together as a system to promote health in factors related to life such as wealth, relationships, business, marriage, and happiness.

19. Is it true that the better one understands his/her living environment and conditions the better one can improve his/her fortune and destiny?

Yes, once one understands his/her environment and all the factors that can impact and influence his/her destiny, one can take hold of opportunities that arises to improve life for the better. Otherwise, one would be going through life aimlessly, year after year, as if living in a mist. It would be a sad and regretful life.

20. What are the most important information contained on A Taste of Life?

Every piece of information can be considered important. The site offers literature on every aspect of the Five Magical Arts and how it can be utilize to better your life. It would be time well spent, even if for an hour at a time, to read and absorb the information and applying it to your life.

21. In addition to what's currently available on A Taste of Life, will there be additional information added?

Yes. The site is continuously updated with new information from the Arts in the areas of life, career, wealth, relationships, and marriage. You are welcome to visit the site often. The Web Master hopes that you and your family will continue to enjoy the site.


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