﹝About the Five Magical Arts﹞
﹝Life/Fate 命, Appearance 相, Divination 卜,Soul Cultivation 山, Cure 醫 Five Arts/Methods 五術﹞

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Life/Fate (命) - An investigation of one's past lives, today's god given talents, and tomorrow's fortune. Methods for divination include life data (time and date of birth 八字論命), and numerology, etc. These methods can forecast a person's future life events and fortunes by utilizing the year, month, time, season, and planetary alignment at the time of birth, and be of useful guidance during critical times in life when dealt with different paths that can be taken.

Appearance (相) - Utilizing the sight of the eyes and the feelings of the body to logically forecast the direction of one's life; a method that uses support and dependence as strength to adjust one's fortune for the better. Different techniques include: palm reading, reading of appearance, appearance stature, body stature, movements, hair, name study, ancestral grave, family condition, (family residence), geomancy, life force, and the patron gods.

Divination (卜) - Utilized to assist with the many circumstanced dealt in ones life that one cannot resolve with intelligence. Divination is used to predict future events and provide guidance to resolve and avoid any misfortunes along the way. Divination utilizes traditional fortune telling tools such as the Six Yao Gods talisman (六爻神掛), Mi talisman (米掛), Turtle talisman (龜掛), bamboo slip (籤掛), Plum Blossom Change Method. Divination is also used to stop intruders who have mastered the art of Yi Quji technique (趨吉術), the art of making oneself invisible. It can also be used to assess the extent of ones' Tai Yi God Technique, etc.

Soul Cultivation (山) - The manner in which the mind, the spirit, and the human body repairs and refine itself through alchemy. Today's inactive or sedentary society can take advantage of alchemy to promotion soundness of body and mind. The spirit knows how to repair itself and the body. If one masters the art of meditation, the spirit will repair itself, keeping one in good health.

Cure (醫) - Study of vital energy circulating through the body. Keeping the balance between the bodily masculine and feminine elements to overcome irregularities that infer with fitness, prevent illnesses, and utilizing traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. These traditional methods include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, nutritional therapy, mind-heart connection balance, and other various methods.


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