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since 1972
Web Master DODO

A Taste of Life was established on April 1, 1998. Web Master DoDo established this website in honor of his dear teacher who has passed on to him the “Five Magical Arts” (五術).

DoDo has been a practitioner for over 3 4 years (since 1972). He is a recognized professional by various Feng Shui and metaphysical organizations in Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan. On October 28, 2006, he was recognized in Beijing as an “Exulted Practitioner” (泰斗). In addition to his work assisting others through A Taste of Life, DoDo is also active in charitable organizations.

Are you in despair over troubles in your marriage or relationship, career, business, family, or other situations dear to your heart? No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have the sincerity to save your marriage, relationship, career, etc, please feel free to call on DoDo to help resolve your problems.

DoDo can assist you with his “Palms of Spirits,” revealing to you your past and future live(s). In addition, DoDo is also a Master in Feng Shui, Fortune Forecasting, Spells and Talismans.

A Taste of Life is a website of the highest integrity, honesty, and dedicated service. DoDo assists you through his years of experience, training, and abilities. “The proof is in the pudding.” He is the only practitioner that provides easy access to him to his clients and friends. You can reach DoDo on his mobile phone, office phone, e-mail, or drop in to visit him at this office in Taipei.

The services of A Taste of Life is currently only in Chinese. Non-Chinese speaking friends, please contact DoDo with a bilingual friend for translation, or please have a Chinese speaking friend send DoDo an e-mail in Chinese. DoDo wishes everyone much joy, peace, and love.

  (Please call with confidence, a scam artist would not provide you with direct numbers and aphysical address.)


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